Has an employee in your organization ever said something online that has caused challenges for your business? Does your organization understand how to successfully handle negative online reviews? Has your company ever experienced a challenging physical world incident that has migrated online?  Do you want your employees to know how to properly represent themselves and your business on social media issues so your company isn’t part of a social media lawsuit?  If you answered yes to any of these questions we can help.

Some of the industries we advise include: Financial Institutions (i.e. Retail Banks, Investment Banks, Credit Unions, etc…), Hospitals and large doctor practice groups, Pharmaceutical Companies, Media and Technology Companies, Professional Sports Leagues and Franchises, Professional Athletes, College Sports Conferences and Individual Athletic Departments.

Our firm has worked with lawmakers and regulators to draft some of the social media laws and regulations that private and public institutions such as businesses and educational institutions must follow.  We understand how social media, streaming, and other new technologies has made compliance more challenging and increased the risk of a viral reputation crisis.

Some of the topics that we regularly present on include:

  • The legal issues inherent when using Social Media
  • Social Media in the Workplace
  • Social Media in Schools
  • Reputation in the Social Media Age
  • Cyber safety and Cyber security

We personalize our training and content based upon our client’s needs and constantly update it to account for new challenges.