Has an employee in your organization ever said something online that has caused challenges for your business? Does your organization understand how to successfully handle negative online reviews? Has your company ever experienced a challenging physical world incident that has migrated online?  Do you want your employees to know how to properly represent themselves and your business on social media issues so your company isn’t part of a social media lawsuit?  If you answered yes to any of these questions we can help.

Some of the industries we advise include: Financial Institutions (i.e. Retail Banks, Investment Banks, Credit Unions, etc…), Hospitals and large doctor practice groups, Pharmaceutical Companies, Media and Technology Companies, Professional Sports Leagues and Franchises, Professional Athletes, College Sports Conferences and Individual Athletic Departments.

Our firm has worked with lawmakers and regulators to draft some of the social media laws and regulations that private and public institutions such as businesses and educational institutions must follow.  We understand how social media, apps, cloud computing, augmented reality, streaming, and other new technologies has made compliance more challenging and increased the risk of a viral reputation crisis.

Some of the topics that we regularly present on include:

  • The legal issues inherent when using Social Media
  • Social Media in the Workplace
  • Social Media in Schools
  • Reputation in the Social Media Age
  • Cyber safety and Cyber security

Bradley personalizes each presentation to address the needs and goals of the client. To obtain more information about speaking fees and schedules, you may send an email to speaking@shearlaw.com. In your email please include the topic(s) you are interested in, audience size, location, date(s), and any other pertinent details about the event.

Bradley presents to private groups on a regular basis. Some of his publicly advertised speaking engagements include:
•Federal Communications Bar Association:”Cloud Computing and Other Internet Tools: Using Them Ethically and Preventing and Mitigating Their Abuse”, October 25, 2016
•Ninth Annual University of Baltimore Sports Law Symposium, February 11, 2016, “Digital Issues in Sports”
• Radius of Influence 2015, Legal Marketing Conference, April 30, 2015, “Obtaining Major Media in a Social World”
• Eighth Annual University of Baltimore Sports Law Symposium, February 12, 2015, “Social Media Issues in Sports and Entertainment”
• The George Washington University, September 17, 2015, “Digital Law and Business Issues That Confront Entrepreneurs”
• The Potomac Institute For Policy Studies, February 20, 2014, “Cyber Security Lessons for the Olympics and Olympians”
• Seventh Annual University of Baltimore Sports Law Symposium, February 6, 2014, “Social Media in Sports”
• Fritz Pollard Alliance, “Digital Media, Professional Development, and Sports”, July 29, 2013
• Association of Corporate Counsel, “Stay Out of the Penalty Box: Lessons From Sports and Entertainment on Managing Social Media, June 5, 2013
• University of Maryland Law School’s Journal of Business & Technology Law Annual Symposium, April 5, 2013
• Northwestern University School of Law’s Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property Annual Symposium, March 8, 2013
• The George Washington University, Sports Industry Networking and Career Conference, February 8, 2013
• University of Baltimore School of Law’s Center For Law and Sports Annual Sports Law Symposium, February 7, 2013
• U.S. Army and the Department of Defense Social Media Division, November 15, 2012, “Social Media Legal Issues Our Armed Forces Must Understand”
• Barron’s Magazine Top Advisory Teams Summit, August 3, 2012: “Social Media Reality Check”
• National Association of Attorneys General Training and Reseach Institute, May 31, 2012: “Social Media and Privacy Law”
• Montgomery County Bar Association Annual Meeting, May 18, 2012: “The Spy Who Loved Me: When Divorce and Social Media Collide”
• Montgomery County Inns of the Court, April 10, 2012: “Social Media Law and Public Policy”
• Georgetown University Law Center’s 5th Annual GEMA Law Sports & Entertainment Law Symposium, March 30, 2012: “Politics, Social Media and the Upcoming Election”
• The George Washington University, Sports Industry Networking and Career Conference on February 11, 2012: “Sports Contracts and Negotiations”
• University of Baltimore School of Law on February 9, 2012: “College Sports, Inc.: Legal and Ethical Issues in Social Media Restrictions”
• Women in Sports and Events on September 7, 2011: “Social Media and DC Sports”
• BrightTalk.com on April 27, 2011: “How to Avoid a Social Media Lawsuit” Webinar
• American Inns of Court, Columbia, Maryland on April 13, 2011: “Social Media and Ethics in the Legal Profession with The Honorable Dennis M. Sweeney”
• LegalTech New York 2011 on January 31, 2011: “Buzz Branding Tools to Manage Your Social Media Reputation”
• Association of Corporate Council Sports and Entertainment Group Meeting on November 17, 2010: “Copyright Protection in the Digital Age” Webinar
• 2010 Maryland State Bar Association’s Solo and Small Firm Conference on November 13, 2010: “Managing Your Online Presence”
• The Trout Group’s 6th Annual New York City Wall Street Unplugged: Management’s Guide To Wall Street & the Capital Markets on July 22, 2010: “Social Media Guidance on Blogs and Social Networking Sites”
• 2010 Maryland State Bar Association Annual Convention on July 10, 2010: “Social Media Intellectual Property Issues”
• LegalTech West Coast 2010 in Los Angeles on June 24, 2010: “Social Media Beyond the Talk and Beyond the Hype: How Can Social Media Improve Your Work?”
• Public Relations Society of America Maryland Chapter 33rd Annual Chesapeake Conference on June 17, 2010: “Social Media Law 101: A Legal Perspective For Communicators”
• University of Baltimore Law School on February 22, 2010: “A Conversation on Entertainment and Social Media Law”